Safe traveling

Professional drivers

You are our most valuable and important asset, thus the focus of our attention! So what’s the best way to take care of you? To entrust you to an experienced and trained staff! Our drivers are educated and trained in First Aid (12 hours) and Fire Prevention (8 hours) and they are fitted out with all the most appropriate safety, protection and prevention devices: each car is equipped with a First Aid Kit, checked on regular basis, set according to current law regulations, emergency fire extinguisher compliant with law standards and isothermal blanket.

Our staff is trained and certified and able to take the best decision in any critical moments; they know the correct procedures to follow to protect your safety in the best possible way, so as to recognize, face and overcome any risky situations.

If needed, we can also provide “Child Lifters” for children up to 36 kilos of weight.

Fully-equipped vehicles driven by expert staff, a perfect twosome for your safety.